Entry #1

thank you!

2008-11-30 17:51:25 by CRISPY-D

well...i have been part of newgrounds since 2001...my music has never been that popular, due to people not liking redundancy/repetition...i take pride in being glitchy and direct as well...most of the music u will find was stuff i made when i weighed 315lbs. nowadays, i spend more time with the ladies than on my mpc or on fruity loops...

lol...it took 2 years for "oh yeah fuck me harder" to be in a hentai dress up game...i made it soooo long ago...and it collected dust....and now that song had like 400 plays a few years back to over 4,000...that's a big step for me...


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2009-12-07 18:35:42

Still a great song i really wished you would have made the song longer :3


2011-10-09 12:11:36

OMG...the song has 44,000 plays???

thanks guys and girls!